5 Ways Your Business Credit Card Rewards Can Help You


Your business credit cards can help you manage cash flow better at your company. There’s something else that you can do with them, as well, however. You can use the rewards wisely to help your business in any one of several ways.

Reinvest the rewards that you earn back in your business.

Make sure that you charge all of your business expenses to your business cards. For the typical small business, expenses are likely to amount to tens of thousands a month, and to make hundreds back in rewards. You can use the cashback or other rewards to pay for more business expenses.

Let the rewards on the business cards go to the employees who spend on them.

Many companies treat the business credit cards that they give their employees as cards that they hold for themselves. While the business pays off these cards each month, the rewards go to the employees who use those cards. Many employees cherish the rewards that they receive. At other companies, the rewards are pooled, and used to buy gift cards for junior employees who do not hold their own business cards.

Invest your rewards in travel for your business

If you need to fly for business-related work, your rewards points could help pay for the travel. You may even allow yourself to travel business class, something you may not do if you were paying for the tickets yourself.

Give to charity

Rather than use your rewards for yourself or for your company, you can use them to give to charity. Some businesses allow their employees to choose whatever charity they like. It helps boost employee morale.

Treat yourself to something special

It can be stressful running your own company. Nevertheless, you may find it hard to spare the cash to treat yourself to spa visits or massages. You might be willing to spend on yourself if the money came from your rewards points, however. When you get to treat yourself for free, you may allow yourself the indulgence.

Credit card rewards can amount to substantial sums at many small businesses. It can take some deliberation to find how to use them to help your business, however. These ideas can help you get started finding out how to apply your rewards to the best effect.

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