About ICO Yumerium


What is it?

Use Yumerium Token or YUM we can earn money. Also this platform allow to play in games herewith we can view and share impressions from the game.

For attract new users developers use referral bonuses. It’s very interesting because it gives an opportunity to talk our friends about gaming platform and earn money. I think that referral bonuses are advantages of this block chain platform.

At what stage of development this product? Were there any releases?

Now the project is in the initial stage. At the end of 2018 to beginning of 2019 full start will be schedule.
Now the project is just a game. It consists such games as Hell Dimension, Crypto Mine, Mega overload, Kingdom Watcher, Dream Pets VR.

Yumerium represents open gaming platform which works on block chain. May 24th is a date of start token sale.

If you want to play in Dream pets on Yumerium you must have 400 yumerium. Price of 1 YUM is 0.1$.
If someone wants to play in Mega Overload he must have 70 yumerium.
50 yumerium is enough to play in Hell Dimension.

An advantage of Yumerium is an opportunity free play in Crypto Mine!

Also I note that the company developers have already created several successful projects so we can trust Yumerium’s developers.

As example the company released a virtual Subdream game. Its game knows in Southern Korea, China and United States of America.

The goal of the project is to attract investments and users. Also they want to tokenize time in games. Now gamers will be able to choose a new convenient service that will be protected by a block chain and its good news!

For whom is this application or platform?

Gamers will have the opportunity to change the currency. Also they will be able to translate them, playing different games.

I must note that Yumerium platform can protect gamers from fraud and large commissions. And it’s good news!

If talk about developers so they will receive a new community of gamers which will attract new participants and they will actively share information about the game.

Also I must talk that such politics is give a very big hope to make this platform very popular.

For people with tokens and players this platform is also interesting. In fact was created a real crypto currency which will grow in price with the development of the game which is also very beneficial for participants.

I forget to note that gamers can receive tokens not only for playing game. Also they receive for video files, comments, chatting. It’s a really great because it will give an opportunity to earn extra money which never will be unnecessary.

How the application platform will be work?

We can pay for the game use BTC, Fiat, ETH. Hard Cap is 500 million dollars. I remind that for exchange on YUM we need to require 0.1$. Advantages and disadvantages of the project

For developers the advantage is that the costs of advertising the project will be reduced because gamers will themselves attract new participants.

If talk about gamers so they also can receive additional coins and it’s very nice.
Since the team has already created several successful projects and it is engaged in market research so there is no reason not to trust them.

I think that we can play and earn money with this platform.

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