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Advance America ñ initially, the company was created with the goal of informing and educating citizens of the state of Indiana about how their government works and what they can do to cope with problems. Now, thanks to the Advance America app, you can solve financial problems in minutes across America. Advance America has tried to improve accessibility and created more than 2,000 places where you can apply online. The company offers salary, installment and auto loans without credit history approval. Moreover, Advance America is a member of the Public Association of financial services, so this company can be trusted. Advance America is a completely legal, nationally recognized institution.

However, Advance America requires the borrower to have a Bank account and proof of a permanent source of income. Yes, and you can borrow no more than 1000 dollars.

In order to apply for a loan from Advance America, you must first visit the company’s website. Click “Apply for a loan” to launch the app. Select “Use my current location”, enter the zip code. Choose where to apply at the branch or online. After that, create an account: enter your personal information, address and phone number, financial information-income and Bank account. Remember to read the “General terms and other General agreements” before applying for a loan.

To get a loan from Advance America, you need some documents. First, you need a valid government-issued ID, and you will also need proof of an active current account. You will also need proof of income, TIN, and sometimes verification of these documents (depending on the state in which the borrower receives the loan).

1. Check into Cash

Check into Cash provides loans online in 30 States. The company’s website has separate pages for each state, which helps you calculate your finances. Like Advance America, Check into Cash is a founding member of the community financial services Association. Therefore, the company protects its customers and helps them understand the laws and consumer protection rights. This help is available to any client, as the company’s website contains informative pages about state laws. For loans before paycheck, Check into Cash allows you to take a loan from $ 50 to $ 1000. Installment loans-from $ 500 to $ 3000.

But unlike Advance America and a number of other short-term loan companies, Check into Cash requires that the company’s customers are at least 21. In addition, not every state has a branch of the company for loans.

2. Lend You

Lend You is a service that provides loans from independent lenders. The site has a user-friendly interface and quick approval. Lend You selects an independent third-party lender based on the terms of the loan. The process is very fast and convenient, since everything happens online, so the money can be received on the next business day. Payday loans in Lend You can take from $ 100 to $ 1000, installment loans – from $ 1000 to $ 2500. The minimum percentage on the service is 5%.

Since Lend You does not issue loans on its own, you need to meet the necessary conditions for obtaining a loan. To start, the client must be over 18 years old. Lend You issues a loan without long waiting periods, so certain documents are required. You must provide a valid checking or savings account with a direct Deposit. You should also have a permanent income of at least $ 1,000 per month. However, you cannot be a permanent or reserve member of the air force, Army, Coast guard, marine Corps, or Navy (or be dependent on anyone) serving on active duty on a call or order that specifies a period of 30 days or less.

Advance America itself is a lender in contrast to Lend You, so in the case of Advance America, you can be sure that the loan is taken from this company, and not from an unknown independent lender. Also, Advance America has local branches in the States, which will help you contact an employee for help and solve the problem.

3. Spotloan

Spotloan provides online loans in installments. Unlike other companies that give a salary loan. Therefore, it allows you to take a loan from 300 to 800 dollars and pay off the debt little by little. Also, Spotloan does not rush to pay in a week, but allows you to pay within a few months, namely up to 10 months. In any case, you can pay earlier and save interest. Online credit in installments is suitable for those who have little money and other loan options are not suitable. At the same time, Spotloan allows you to get money very quickly. The application process will take just 10 minutes. And besides, you can get the money on the same day. Spotloan allows you to take out a loan even to a customer with a bad credit history.

Unlike Advance America, Spotloan does not have branches in the States to get a loan on the spot ñ only online. This causes certain difficulties: the solution to the problem may not follow, since the client does not know who to contact in case of inconsistencies.

4. Amscot

Amscot is a lender for the state of Florida. Allows you to take a loan from $ 50 to $ 500 before the next salary at a rate of 271.14% to 365%. Amscot branches are open 24 hours, which gives an advantage over other lenders. Amscot also did not provide automatic renewal to protect its customers. However, if you refuse a loan from Amscot, this will not affect the customer’s credit history. Moreover, the Amscot verification fee is $ 2 and this is less than half the legal limit for this type of payment in the state of Florida.

To get a loan on Amscot, you must have proof of permanent income, and be over 18 years old. You also need to have a phone number in order for Amscot to contact the borrower. However, despite the online application, the borrower will have to come to an Amscot branch to get a loan. To get a loan from Amscot, the borrower needs a Bank account. Just like lenders that do not require a credit check, Amscot is a more expensive lender, with high interest rates. Moreover, the Amscot contract requires customers to waive their right to a jury trial or sue the company over a dispute. This mistake is easy to make without reading the agreement that the borrower signs online. And after all, Amscot loans are only available to Florida residents.

A quick loan, but high interest rates make Amscot a lender of last resort, unlike Advance America, with reasonable interest rates.

5. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA has served more than 3 million borrowers in the 10 years since its inception. All thanks to a good interface and easy navigation on the site, as well as live chat for getting a loan. This is what helped CashNetUSA gain such popularity in such a short time. A positive feature of CashNetUSA is high loan amounts in most States. Unlike Advance America and other companies, CashNetUSA provides a payday loan of up to $ 1,800. In addition to salaries, the company provides loans in installments and credit lines.

Although CashNetUSA offers many different loans, payday loans are only available in 18 States. Despite a nice convenient website, there are no branches for loans in the States ñ only through the site. Due to the large amounts for loans, CashNetUSA has high interest rates ñ up to 1140.63%.

6. CheckSmart

CheckSmart is one of the most reliable American sources of money loans for many years. All because CheckSmart allows you to take an instant loan and get money within 1 business day, moreover, it is available in 17 States. CheckSmart-convenient and fast, there are almost 500 branches across America that are open 24 hours a day, except Sundays (11:00 am-5:00 am). Also, the lender does not check the credit history, and this is an opportunity to get a loan for customers with a bad credit history. The minimum loan amount in CheckSmart is from $ 100 to $ 500. The minimum interest for a loan is 354.86%, and the maximum interest for a loan is 638.75%. In this case, the loan is given from 10 to 30 days.

The percentages in CheckSmart are higher than in Advance America, so CheckSmart is only suitable for extreme cases. And, unfortunately, ChackSmart doesn’t exist in all States.

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