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Insurance relations are designed to provide insurance protection of organizations, citizens and their interests in the provided insurance cases against various hazards. Insurance includes all types of insurance activities – not only primary insurance, but also co-insurance and reinsurance.

Under the guise of insurance is a set of insurance services aimed at ensuring the protection of specific homogeneous objects. In each type of insurance, insurance services are provided at the established tariff rates in the agreed amount. Classification of insurance services by type is based on the object of insurance and the list of risks and hazards from which the object will be insured.

In addition to mandatory types of insurance, there are also voluntary ones, the purchase of which depends only on you. These insurances will protect your interests in adverse situations

To insure against risks means to take responsibility for your life on yourself, without relying on the will of chance.

Cumulative life insurance

This type of insurance allows you to compensate for damage to health or life, or to receive income by a certain date. In the event of death or disability, the insured person’s family or the insured person receives the insurance amount in full. The insurance company will pay the money regardless of the number of contributions that the person managed to make.

If the insured person has reached the age specified in the contract, and fortunately nothing has happened to him, then he receives not only the insurance amount, but also interest – usually about 5%. This is called investment income. Often people use such insurance to save money for the coming of age of the child, to provide themselves with additional income in addition to a guaranteed pension or to help children.

Insurance in case of illness

This insurance covers the medical expenses of the insured. The contract is accompanied by a list of medical services to which the person who purchased the policy is entitled. An insured event here is every request to a doctor for help or medication. The reason for treatment may be an acute illness, exacerbation of a chronic disease, injury or poisoning. You can attach family members to the insured person – usually no more than three. They can also use medical services without exceeding the amount specified in the contract. This insurance is suitable for both adults and children.

life insurance

Accident insurance

Such insurance can be useful for people whose lifestyle or occupation is associated with high risk-athletes, fans of extreme recreation, children and adolescents.

The insurance amount is paid in full or compensates the insured person’s expenses in case of damage to health or life. An accident is a short-term event that occurred against the will of a person and caused harm to health or death. For example, the insured person slipped and broke his leg, received an electric shock or was burned in a fire.

Property insurance

Movable and immovable property can be insured against damage, destruction and theft. So, owners of houses or apartments should remember that real estate can burn, suffer from a mudslide or flood, and household appliances, expensive furniture, art objects and jewelry can be damaged or stolen. To get compensation in such unpleasant cases and mitigate the shock of losing property, you need to have insurance.

Property insurance

Car insurance

This type of insurance is called auto insurance. Unlike insurance of civil liability of motor own damage insurance allows you to insure your own car. If the car was stolen or  was injured in an accident, fire or natural disaster, if the car dropped a piece of slate or a storm uprooted a tree, if the glass broke the stone, taking off from-under wheels ahead of going machines – in these and other cases, the owner of the car paid cash compensation.

Insurance of civil liability of the owner of residential premises to neighbors

Imagine that you have a burst pipe in your apartment or the drain hose of the washing machine has come off, and you have flooded the neighbors. His neighbors complain, demanding that You reimburse them the cost of the upcoming repairs. In such cases, the homeowner’s GPO insurance to neighbors will help you. It is possible to cover the expenses that neighbors have incurred due to your actions or because of an incident in your apartment, not at their own expense, but at the expense of the insurance company.

Insurance of civil liability of the owner of residential premises to neighbors

Health insurance for tourists

This insurance must be purchased when applying for a visa. If there is a visa-free travel agreement between original and the country you are traveling to, or you are traveling abroad on a long-term visa not for the first time, this does not mean that insurance should be neglected. It will allow you to reimburse expenses if you or your child needed emergency care.

Health insurance for tourists

Tourists health insurance covers only sudden injuries or illnesses. That is, when a person with a chronic heart disease goes to hospital, the care of his health lies with him. If the traveler has a heart attack for the first time on the trip, the treatment will be covered by the insurance company. Different countries have their own requirements for the minimum insurance amount.

In Europe, it is 30 thousand euros, in the United States and Australia-50 thousand dollars, and in Turkey-10 thousand dollars, but you can also insure for a larger amount. The insurance amount usually covers medicines, hospital treatment, transportation to the hospital and compensation for transportation costs if the person missed the flight because he was in the hospital.

It’s important to remember:

Accumulative life insurance is a way to invest money and make a profit.

You need to choose an insurance program according to your lifestyle, marital status, number of children, type of property ,availability of a car in the family, travel and sports that you are engaged in.


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